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Neuro-physical ZONE Training

Performance Capabilities Assessment

Our comprehensive neuro-physical assessment establishes a mental performance baseline which is used for your custom training protocol. You will receive a detailed report on all neuro-physical metrics, showing how a player performs under stress. The Performance Capabilities Assessment also acts as a comparative assessment, perfect for new player evaluations and for continuous monitoring over a player's career, like a "combine for the mind."


  • Comprehensive Neuro-Physical, Sports-Readiness Assessment
  • Baseline for Customized Training Protocols
  • Detailed Report Highlighting Strengths and Areas for Improvement
  • It's Like a "Combine for the Mind"

Performance Capabilities Assessment

ZONE Training

XPL’s "Quantitative Neuro-Physical Conditioning" protocols are delivered in our lab or remotely, at your facility. In our professionally guided custom training sessions, athletes use our proprietary feedback metrics to train themselves how to get and stay in "The ZONE." Progress reports based on our Zone Index technology are given regularly.


  • Advanced neuro and bio-feedback techniques
  • Proprietary ZONE Index technology
  • Professionally guided training sessions
  • Exclusive NeuroPod PRO remote service delivery vehicle

Football Player Throwing

Game Day Advantage

Our game-day readiness package includes pre-game skills boosters, pre-scripted plays practice plus an optional custom motivational message. Our 20-minute pre-game ZONE training protocol gets your players in the right mindset to perform their best on game day. The day’s stresses are minimized, ZONE training skills are refreshed, and even a motivational message can be incorporated.

XPL's post-game cool down includes neuro-physical relaxation protocols to improve physical and mental post-exertion recovery. Studies show that a player's recovery is integral to injury prevention, and our monitored post-game protocol can get you where you need to be after you play.



  • ZONE Preparation and Skills Refresher
  • Motivational Messaging


  • Neuro-Physical Relaxation and Recovery
  • Reveal Indications of Possible Injury

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